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Chitwan & Bardia, Nepal

The Terai lowlands in Nepal are defined by a belt of well-watered floodplains stretching from the Indian border northward to the lower slopes of the Himalayan foothills. Once some of the most famous big game hunting areas in Asia, Chitwan and Bardia National Parks now offer protection to the one-horned rhinoceros and the elusive Bengal tiger.

Here one can also see leopard, sloth bear and the gaur (wild bison), swamp deer, musk deer, black buck - the last of a breed of Asiatic wild buffalo, and gharial and marsh mugger crocodile. The areas also abounds in more than 400 species of birdlife with a variety of babbles and orioles, koels and drongos, peacocks and floricans, and a multitude of wintering wildfowl.


Chitwan National Park lies at the foot of the Himalaya on the plain known as The Terai. The National Park is nine hundred square kilometres of virgin rainforest, grasslands and lakelands on Nepal's border with India.

This is habitat of the Bengal Tiger (only sometimes seen), the rare Asian Rhino, the ferocious sloth bear, a number of species of deer, the mugger and rare, gharial crocodiles, a myriad of beautiful birds and much other wildlife.

An elephant-back foray into the park provides an opportunity to study the rhino at very close quarters and our guides give a most useful and interesting insight into all this along with the Tharu people's interaction with this their shared environment.


Bardia National Park is situated in the western Terai, east of the great Karnali River. At least the equal of Chitwan, with Rhinoceros, herds of wild elephant, more frequent tiger sightings and a lot fewer sightings of homo sapiens, the park is home also to swamp deer and black buck, the gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles and the Gangetic dolphin.

One finds more than 30 different mammal types, over 200 species of birds, many of them migratory, and reptiles and fish abound in the forest, grasslands and river habitats.

Planning your safari

All our safaris in the Nepal are tailored to your preferred dates and interests. There are no fixed-date departures. Please contact us for an initial exploration of options and costs.